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99Trackers - OBD

99trackers - OBD

99Trackers - OBD Features

Real time Tracking

99trackers – OBD Monitoring in Real-time Vehicle tracking Made Easy

ACC detection & Ignition Status

Know the Ignition  ON/OFF Status

Over Speed Alerts

99trackers – Be Aware of Overspeeding

Battery Monitoring

Know Your Battery Status at Anytime

Traveled Distance

Measuring Distance Made Effortless

Route Replay

Tap into Old Route Records

Data History

Access Your Data Via Mobile Application

Unplug Alerts

Identify When the device is unplugged on your 99trackers Application

Collision Alerts

Vehicle Accident Detection and Notification

Townig Alerts

Notifies the user that a vehicle is being towed

Geofence Alerts

Set Your Own Virtual Perimeter

Number of stops

Record Your Vehicle Halts

Idle Time

Know your vehicle Idle Time

Mobile Application

A Compact Application Making You Omnipresent